Dane Ellevsen inspires people through healthy living, not just in food, but most importantly, the mind. He’s a Tradie by day and a Smiling Mind and Bodypass Ambassador.


We asked Dane what he thinks about the new age Tradie and the recent work wear trend that mixes both style and function.





Do you think the Tradie image has changed in the last 10 years?


Yes, certainly – I see a lot of Tradies making a conscious effort to pack healthier lunches. More so in built up areas like Sydney and Brisbane.


Why is that?


I think Tradies are slowly realising that healthy eating improves productivity and ultimately leads to a higher earnings as a result. Eating healthy really helps me fight that afternoon slump.


Were you always this healthy?


Not at all! I used to be a party animal, I ate fast food – but I started to get some reoccurring tummy issues. This was my wake up call – it forced me to start cooking for myself and concentrating on healthy eating and I’ve never looked back. I now buy almost nothing pre-packaged and I am so much more healthy in both my body and mind as a result.


We’ve noticed Tradies are starting to care about how they look on the work site – when they have a choice of what to wear. Would you say you are one of them?


Yes for sure. I can comfortably describe a lot of workwear as disgusting. I find the old school work cargo pants to be really bulky and it’s nice to see brands like CAT put some real thought in to style as well as function.


What Tradie tool would you never leave home without?


Supposedly an electrician can build anything with pliers and a screwdriver….


Tell us a Tradie secret….


It may no longer be a secret….but girls go for guys that are useful with their hands…:-)


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