Like all good ideas, racing lawn mowers was dreamt up over a few schooners at the local pub and a bet amongst mates. Flash forward 30 years and the unique sport attracts racers from every corner of the country.


Taking the humble grass cutter and transforming it into a speed machine has definitely caught our attention, and so we’re very excited to announce that this year we will be sponsoring rising star Shannon Millsteed as he hits the tracks at the Deni Ute Muster.


A mechanic by trade, Shannon has been around mowers since the age of two, with racing in his blood. His Dad was a racer, and it didn’t take long for Shannon to discover his own need for speed.


Shannon says that a key part of being a good racer is how well you maintain your mower.


“My mechanic background helps me keep my racer in check.



“You couldn’t be involved with the sport if you didn’t have a passion for engines!” Shannon explains.


The 19-year-old’s racing career has taken him to all pockets of Australia, from Keith in South Australia to Yaamba in Queensland to compete, but it is the chance to compete at Deni that really has Shannon’s engine revving.


“This will be my first time competing at Deni and I’m really stoked ‘cause it’s one of the most celebrated events in the racing calendar!” Shannon says.


To keep tabs on whether Shannon’s victa reigns victorious, tune in to our Instagram over the Deni weekend (Friday 28th Sept – Saturday 29th Sept).


Instagram: @catworkwearaustnz

Photography: Allie James Photography 

To find out more about lawn mower racing visit: Australian Ride On Lawn Mower Racing Association (AROLMRA)