The “Dream Job” Tradie – Ty Fenwick

In this week’s Most Awesome Tradie Jobs’ profile we meet Ty Fenwick, who is living every motocross lover’s dream in that he gets paid to travel the world and craft mounds of dirt into masterpieces that Red Bull use for global motocross events.

On a typical work day the 27-year-old is using an excavator to design and build the impressive tracks. Locations vary and any given week he could be building a course in the marble quarries of Athens to the next, digging through Osaka Cattle Country in Japan.


Read more about Ty “Tiedown” Fenwick’s dream job below…


Sum up your typical work day as an earth mover? 

A typical work day building tracks usually involves a lot of dirt moving, a lot of measuring and running all types of equipment.


How did you get into earth moving?

My father has been in the demolition industry for over 38 years and he’s one of the most respected in the country, so I just grew up around all this awesome equipment every day of my life. I started driving Bobcats at a very young age and would jump on any equipment dad had laying around the property, including; excavators, trucks and loaders.


How did you end up building Red Bull motocross tracks? 

My job came about with me contacting Jason Baker the developer of Dream Traxx in the US. I asked him to come to Australia and help me build my own motocross track. During the build we hit it off and are now the best of mates.

Jason struggled to find people who understood the way his mind ticks and how a track should flow, we both think the same and it just clicked! And now we have been working all across the world together.


Have you been involved in motocross since a child?

Yes! My parents bought me a Yamaha PeeWee 50 when I was only two-years-old. I started racing at local tracks when I was 4-years-old and continued on from there.


Do you still compete?

Unfortunately no I don’t… once I turned 18 the party life had taken over and racing with a hangover wasn’t fun at all. So I just turned to free riding with friends and really enjoyed going back to the fun aspects of the sport, not so much the seriousness of racing.


What is the best part of your job? 

The best part of my job would be working with my best mates every day. With us all having such creative minds, it’s just incredible what we can create with dirt!


What is the worst part of your job? 

The worst part would be time away from my family, some tracks take months to build and hotel rooms get old very quickly.



Do you often hang around after a job to watch the event?

Yes for sure, it’s really part of the whole process of building the track, not just to build it but to be there in case there are changes to be made and to keep the track race-ready in between the events.


Have you met any of the competitors?

Working for Dream Traxx we build many of the riders’ private training facilities in their very own backyards, so we not only develop business relationships with the riders but also a close and personal friendship.


How are your frequent flyer miles?

The miles are very much getting up there! I don’t always get to fly with who I prefer due to some of the locations but being a platinum member makes airport dramas a lot more manageable.


When you are traveling for work what is typically in your suitcase?

Depends where I’m flying to. Being a platinum flyer I get two bags at 32KG. So if I’m off to America I usually take 2 massive bags, one full of my CAT work gear and the other half full of my causal clothes, leaving a bit of room to bring home things I might buy while I’m away.


Any funny on-the-job stories you could share? 

Redbull Xfighters is a Freestyle Motocross Tour we do and some of the locations we build the FMX courses are amazing!

In some countries we have limited access to equipment and we have had to make do with some seriously interesting machines, including 1970s worn out dozers and excavators with over 30 thousand hours clocked, which are in horrid condition, smelling like a goat had been living in their cabs!


Any interesting industry slang you could explain?

Well there is one that originated here in Australia and it’s taken off globally amongst all the crews, in that when you meet someone for first time you just call them “Keithy” or “Barry” or “Garry”.

I.e. “Just get old Keithy over there to go grab it.”


What are 3 words to describe your Trade? 

Humbling, rewarding and interesting.


What is your fav job tool?

My favourite tool would be the excavator, I love how creative I can be with it and the way I can carve and create something from a pile of dirt is incredible.








Why do you choose CAT?

The dozer you choose makes or breaks it when it comes to building tracks. The quality of the finish and shaping abilities we get with a CAT DK dozer makes our job a lot easier. CAT just has everything dialled. The equipment is second to none and so is the work gear, I especially love the stretchy work pants!


What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the industry?

We are all about social media now so the easiest way to get noticed is to blow up your skills online. It’s how a lot of talent is discovered these days. And don’t ever doubt yourself, regardless of what in life you’re passionate about, take a shot and go for it. You get one chance at life so never turn down an opportunity! Get out there and blow peoples’ minds.



Follow Ty’s work on Instagram: @lucky9design