Raider Lace Hi

Raider Lace Hi

SKU# P724538-000

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  • P724538-000 / Star White
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Building off the popularity of the Intruder, the Raider Lace Hi is the next evolution of Cat Footwear's Repowered collection. While the Raider Lace Hi takes culturally progressive design cues from the original Intruder, the aggressive outsole tread, silhouette and hiking inspired lace system blur the lines between stylish and functional with an unapologetic attitude, while still taking inspiration from iconic Caterpillar equipment. The Raider Lace Hi will elevate your Fall look and is ready to take on every opportunity that life may throw at you.

• Soft, breathable mesh lining
• Long lasting and durable PVC midsole
• Strobel construction
• Ease is lightweight, energizing and flexible
SKU: P724538-000