Our latest Elite Operator Work Pant from CAT is made for comfort, function, and style. Designed with a slim tapered fit, angled welted pockets and a new cotton & polyester stretch fabric.

Made with a 270 GSM (Mid-weight) 60% cotton, 38% polyester and 2% elastane. The elastane provides stretch like all our pants, however with a higher polyester content we will deliver higher levels of durability and the colours will last longer. The weight of the fabric and high cotton content also makmakes this great to wear all year round.

With an innovative elastic insert at the waist, this allows for both stretch and all-day comfort. This design also allows for belt loops to be incorporated, allowing wide belts and tool belts.


Designed to meet the high expectations of progressive tradies looking for the ultimate in design style, comfort, utility, and adaptability.

Check our Tech Video for more, available in stores and online October 7th, 2020.