Your No-Frills Dress Code Guide for Apprentices

9 February 2024

Your No-Frills Dress Code Guide for Apprentices

Boot Up with Beastly Kicks

Starting from the ground up, grab yourself a pair of solid safety work boots - something that'll keep your toes safe without cramping your style. We appreciate that a good pair of work boots do not come cheap, but trust the experts - they are worth the investment. Get a cheap pair, and you’ll end up with blisters, and holes in your boots two months in. Being on site is no joke, and you need a tough pair of boots that match the job.

Shorts and Pants with Maximum Movement

Crawling, bending and crouching will be part of your day-to-day, so you'll need a few pairs of sturdy shorts and pants you can rely on. Go for breathable shorts in the summer and pants in the colder months - just as long as both are easy to chuck on when you're half asleep at 5 in the morning. Ensure they have loads of pockets for your gadgets and tools and belt loops for your tool belt; you want to be as efficient as you can on the job!

Shirts Built for the Hustle

Move with ease in lightweight work tees or singlets that you can wear on or off-site. Grab some in high-vis if you want everyone to know you mean business.

Hoodies and Jackets to Withstand Weather Whiplash

Weather's unpredictable like the boss’s mood – you never know what you're gonna get. Be prepared with an extra layer of protection and warmth. Easy on, easy off. No dramas.

Keep It Clean, Mate!

Look after your gear – follow the care instructions, give 'em a good wash when needed. Give your boots a scrub every now and then, and they’ll last longer.

You've now got the rundown on dressing like a construction boss and at Cat Workwear we've got your back. Tough, reliable gear for hardworking legends like you. Suit up, stay safe, and let's build some epic stuff together! Welcome to the Cat Crew – workwear Built for You.

Here are our top picks tailored just for apprentices!

The Argon Zip Steel Toe Boot they're like the superhero of work boots – reliable, ready for action, and won't break the bank

The Icon Muscle Tank - lightweight, comfortable, durable

Short Haul Shorts and Elite Operator Pants are the perfect options to get you started

Hi Vis Full Zip Hoodie - stay comfy and warm all day long

Sequoia Shirt Jacket - stand out on site in this durable piece